Waxing & Threading

Waxing Islington

We use the professional waxing systems with superior quality wax products available to provide the best possible hair removal treatments to you. Our tea tree cream strip wax can take the strongest hair and organic hot wax for the intimate and more sensitive areas. Salon hygiene is of upmost importance to us and taken very seriously, medical gloves and disposable spatulas are used for waxing treatments. All tools and equipment are sterilised after each client.


Facial Waxing

Eyebrow shape  £10
Upper Lip or Chin  £7
Upper Lip & Chin  £12
Neck  £10
Sides/Forehead  £10
Full Face (incl. eyebrows)  £30


Strip Wax

Full Arm  £23
Half Arm  £16
Under Arm  £10
Full Leg  £26
Half Leg  £16
3/4 Leg  £23


Body Waxing

Bikini Line  £15
High Bikini  £17
Brazilian (Hot wax)  £31
Hollywood (Hot wax)  £34
Buttocks  £16
Back & Shoulders  £25


Men’s Waxing

Eyebrow Shape  £10
Ears/Nose  £8
Cheeks  £10
Chest  £25
Stomach  £15
Back & Shoulder  £33
Full arm  £27
Under Arm  £10
Full Leg  £35
Half Leg  £25
Buttocks  £30
Brazilian (Hot Wax )  £53
Hollywood (Hot Wax)  £55


Waxing Advice 

It is very important to exfoliate your skin before having a treatment in order to avoid ingrown hairs and breakouts. Generally, we advice to exfoliate one day before your waxing treatment and please Make sure the hair to be waxed is at least 5mm long or 2-3 weeks hair growth.




Threading is an ancient method of hair removal originating in the eastern world and has been become ever popular in western countries.
Threading is a thin thread doubled then twisted and rolled over area of unwanted hair at the follicle level.
Slight redness may present after threading, soothing Aloe Vera lotion can be used on the threaded area.

Please do not apply make-up, perfumed cosmetics, chlorine or sunbed after threading.

Eyebrow Shape  £10
Lip/Chin  £8
Lip & Chin  £12
Neck  £10
Sides/Forehead  £10
Full Face (incl. brows)  £30


Waxing Packages

Mini Package  £32
Half Legs, Eye brow and Underarms

Simple Package  £47
Full Legs, High Bikini and Underarms

7 Day Spa Package £77
Half Legs, Half arms, Hollywood or Brazilian , Eye brows and Underarms

Holiday Package 1  £65
Full Legs, Hollywood or Brazilian wax & Underarms

Holiday Package 2  £105
Eyebrow shape , Upper Lip , Chin , Full Legs, Hollywood or Brazilian Wax, Full arms and Underarms

Luxury Package  £95
Full Legs, Hollywood or Brazilian Wax , Underarms, Eye Brow Shape , Eye Lash and Eye Brows Tint