Repechage Facial Treatments

Developed and manufactured in the USA by Lydia Sarfati. Repechage brings together the remarkable benefits of seaweed and the finest natural ingredients. The range is paraben & gluten free & is not tested on animals! All Repechage facials are clinically & tested, non irritant / non allergenic. The acne & sensitive skin ranges are dermatologically tested.

Suitable for both Ladies & Gentlemen



Bespoke Express Facial
30 minutes £45
This express facial is designed for those with busy schedules. This concentrated treatment provides cleansing, exfoliation, mask and moisturiser to smooth and healthy skin.

Repechage Classic Facial (Combination)

60 minutes £70
Combination skin types / adolescent skin – Cleanses, tones & moisturises the skin deep down with the ancient botanical, St Johns Wort, known for its gentle soothing properties. A special blend of Green & White Teas help prevent free radical damage. Massage & deep cleansing help to hydrate purify the skin. This treatment is for all skin types & especially beneficial to adolescent/combination skin types.  With steam & manual comedone (black head) extractions.

Repechage Hydrating Facial (Normal – Dry Skin)
60 minutes £70
Normal / dry skin – A hydrating facial treatment designed for dry skin, based on water Lilly, willow herb & seaweed to boost the hydration in the skin & Argireline® hexapeptide for a virtual lift.

Repechage Hydra Medic Acne Facial (Targeted – Oily/ Problem skin)
60 minutes £70

This facial treatment purifies the skin, cleanses the pores, reduces oil production, and controls existing breakouts, while helping to prevent new ones from forming. It also helps reduce oil production, while maintaining the skins moisture balance.

The use of seaweed, zinc and salicylic acid, combined with steam and extractions improve the appearance and condition of the skin, while an anti-oxidant tea blend helps to soothe and calm the skin.

Repechage Renewal Facial (Anti-ageing)
60 minutes £70
Anti Ageing – As we age, the skins natural cell renewal ability slows down. This facial has been developed to restore the skins vitality & youthfulness. Whether your skin suffers from accumulated dead skin cells due to travel, sun exposure, oily build up or biological ageing, This facial provides exfoliation, hydration, balance, & protection to keep your skin healthy. A refreshing treatment for dry/sun-damaged skin. Though immediate results are visible, a course of 6 treatments is recommended.



LED Light Therapy

Illuminate Your Skin and Elevate Your Mood with LED Light Therapy

At 7 DAY SPA, we’re delighted to introduce our transformative LED Light Therapy, a painless and non-invasive skin treatment that goes beyond enhancing your complexion. This remarkable therapy can be seamlessly added to your facial experience, exposing your skin to an array of Red, Blue, and Near-Infrared LED lights, and it offers a host of benefits for both your skin and your overall well-being.

  • Duration of treatment – Approximately 20-30 minutes.
  • Anaesthesia required – None.
  • DowntimeLight therapy is non-ablative, non-invasive, painless, and requires zero downtime. You can return to your normal activity immediately after the treatment.
  • Final results – Treatment results will vary depending on the condition been treated.
  • Suitable for – All skin types


LED Light Therapy 

Rejuvenate Red LED Light Treatment   20 minutes £30


Blemish Blue LED Light Treatment   20 minutes £30


Detoxifying Green LED Light treatment  20 minutes £30


Mesoestetic – Anti-wrinkle + LED Therapy  | 75 minutes £85

This facial targets wrinkles, sagginess and other signs of ageing by smoothing and lifting skin.

This facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliation , extraction , massage , mask then followed by LED light therapy. This treatment is finished with an anti ageing Eye Serum and an anti wrinkle Serum.

Mesoestetic – Brightening + LED Therapy | 75 minutes £85

This facial is a perfect choice to brighten and tighten your complexion. It will repair, smooth and hydrate your skin while promoting collagen production and protecting against sun damage.

This facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliation , extraction , massage , mask then followed by LED light therapy. This treatment is finished with an Brightening Eye Serum, a Brightening Serum and moisturiser.

Mesoestetic – Acne Prone Skin + LED Therapy  | 75 minutes £85

This facial targets acne causing bacteria and cleans the pores from the inside out.

This facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliation , extraction , massage , mask then followed by LED light therapy. This treatment is finished with an Eye Serum, an Acne Serum and moisturiser